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GPS Vehicle Tracking

and 4G Connected Cameras



Live Vehicle Tracking.

White Box Tracking offers GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management solutions enabling customers to efficiently monitor their Vehicles; Assets; and Drivers’ Safety.  Our comprehensive package of solutions aims to meet your requirements. We’re also able to offer custom software solutions designed to exceed your expectations. Here are just a few of our system features:


  • Live & Historical Vehicle Tracking;

  • Journey Snail Trail Replays;

  • Extensive Reports Module;

  • Driver’s Vehicle Defect Reports Module; 

  • Authorised Driver Vehicle Re-mobilisation Module;

  • Geo-fence Alerting;

  • Live Traffic Updates & TfL Camera Feeds;

  • Scheduled Email Reports;

  • Overspeed Alerts; and

  • Driver Behaviour Alerts.


Driver Vehicle Defects Reporting.

The Vehicle Defects Report Android App allows Drivers to instantly submit their Daily Vehicle Safety Check Report and alert the Office of any Defects.  

Key Features and benefits include:

  • Paperless submissions with traceability;

  • Ability to complete Checks even while not 'online';

  • Drivers Reports saved to Database;

  • Defect Reports Emailed to Office; and

  • Fleet Management Accountability for Auditing.

Smartphone  Apps.

Use of the Android and iPhone Apps are included in all packages.  

Key Features of the Apps include:

  • Instant Status Updates;

  • Realtime Mapping with Street View / Satellite View;

  • Fleet View;

  • Journey Detail; and

  • Journey Replay.


Prices - Vehicle Tracking

1 Month Term


£15 /month


One-off Upfront Cost:


12 Month Term


£10 /month


One-off Upfront Cost:


24 Month Term


£8 /month


One-off Upfront Cost:


36 Month Term




One-off Upfront Cost:


12 Month Bundle



24 Month Bundle



36 Month Bundle



48 Month Bundle



Optional Kits

Driver ID Kit:

Remote Immobilisation Kit:

Permitted Driver Remobilisation Kit:

RFID Cards:

iButton Fobs:






Optional Services 

Professional Installation Starting from:

Driver ID:


Driver Behaviour & Over-speed Email Alerts:


Permitted Driver Mobilisation:

Driver Vehicle Defect Daily Report Checks:







*Per Month or Bundle Term Equivalent 

Video Telematics

Video Telematics

Cloud based 4G Connected Video Telematics

Our cloud-based 4G connected camera system delivers reliable, continual video clips to a searchable online journey trail.  With all of your saved videos available to you online, you can easily find the exact clips you need within minutes, providing a faster way to the truth when something goes wrong.  

White Box Tracking has a selection of tracking and onboard video solutions that can be customised to suit your requirements. From a simple front-facing camera, right up to an 8 Channel video camera system, you can be confident you've covered all angles.  

Key Features of the connected camera system include:

  • Up to 8 HD Channels;

  • Up to 2TB DVR Storage capacity;

  • Driver display screen options;

  • Wide-angle, Infrared, and waterproof camera options; and

  • Intuitive Web Application interface for simple Video download and playback.


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